Welcome to Infradig Systems, home of Postie the command-line emailer.


Postie allows you to send or receive email messages programmatically, from the command-line. An extensive set of options lets you customize every aspect of the process. Send plain-text or HTML messages and receive via POP3 or IMAP. Add attachments and inline images.

  • Send or receive command line email (Postie)
  • Send SMTP/NNTP/IMAP or receive POP/IMAP on Windows or Unix
  • Relay POP3/IMAP from any server to IMAP/SMTP on any server
  • Save time and benefit from automating the sending and receiving of email
  • More features than found in any other email product on the market today
  • HTML and/or plain-text formatting
  • Inline image embedding in HTML
  • Attach one or more files
  • ... or a directory full of files
  • ... or send them one message at a time
  • Optionally use SSL/TLS for secure transmission
  • IPV6 ready on all protocols


 Product    Price    Platform   Link 
POSTIE Commercial use (single server) $35 WIN32+WIN64 PayPal
... extra seats (min of 5) $15 WIN32+WIN64 PayPal
For unlimited distribution rights $495 WIN32+WIN64 PayPal
POSTIE Commercial use (single server) $35 UNIX* PayPal
... extra seats (min of 5) $15 UNIX PayPal
For unlimited distribution rights $495 UNIX PayPal

Orders are in USD, and response is via email. Please check your Spam/Junk folders if you don't receive anything!

Single server also includes backup and/or testing and/or dev servers.

*Consult download list for currently supported UNIX variants (or ask if not there).

About Me

I am an independent software developer based in Brisbane, Australia. I have been working and trading under the name of Infradig Systems since 1999. Outside of Infradig I have worked as a developer or consultant for:

  • Cognethos (and for Reuters) / Sydney + Brisbane
  • DVP Media (and for NZ Telecom) / Brisbane + Auckland
  • Financial Network Services (FNS) / Sydney
  • Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) / Sydney
  • Pont Data / Sydney + Chicago + New York and London
  • NSW Health / Sydney

And you can hire me to do custom add-ons or modifications:

  • Custom internet servers and clients
  • Embedded and distributed databases
  • Real-time and transactional systems
  • Experienced in C++ multi-threaded environments
  • BOOST/ASIO framework
  • Rapid prototyping, demos, proof of concept
  • Windows - Linux - FreeBSD