Command-line email client

Send or receive command line email (Postie) or directly from any program (PostieX). An extensive set of options lets you customize every aspect of the process. Send plain-text or HTML messages and receive via POP3 or IMAP. Add attachments and inline images.

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Vermeer is clustered database server for doing atomic distributed transactions. It uses Biglog as its store. There are no masters or slaves, leaders and elections, no transaction coordinators: just a consensus of parts. Run up a single server-instance:

         $ vermeer [--daemon]

and send JSON request objects over a TCP socket (or use a client library). Run up another instance (or two or three) and you have a cluster. Shut down one server, and bring it back up sometime... it will synchronize with the cluster and update itself. Offline update and upload can be done. vermeer partitions at the level of logical streams which are easily definable, and transaction can occur across streams. An HTTP API is built-in. A Windows binary is provided from the source site.

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Biglog is a log-structured storage system with an in-memory index. It is designed to be safe, reliable and fast. With transactions, unlimited multi-values (ie. queues), sparse/wide columns, column-families, streaming, BLOBs, and regex searches on keys/columns and secondary indexes. Bigdog is a wrapper for managing multiple Biglog instances, for example transactions over multiple data sets or replicas/mirrors.

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